The Stove Mate - Fireproof Canvas stove flap.

The Stove Mate has been designed to incorporate a fireproof canvas section for stoves into your tent. 

Created from two layers of our 360 gsm fireproof canvas the Stove Mate's flap is held down with a tight velcro seal. The addition of the Stove Mate to your tent creates the exit hole for your stove, a fireproof canvas section around the flue and neatly covers your flue exit on the tent when the stove is not required. The stove mate is designed to be used with a flashing kit for your stove.

Inner layer

The inner section of the Stove Mate creates a 40cm x 40cm section of fireproof canvas in your tent for your stove flue to exit through. Created with a hole initially designed  to accomodate a flashing kit for a 60mm flue. This is the layer your tent stove flashing kit is attached to. Other sizes of stove flues and flashing kits can be accomodated by adding the correct flashing kit and triming back the Stove Mate's canvas to the inside of the metal ring.

Outer Layer

Again created from our 360 gsm fireproof canvas, the outer flap of the Stove Mate is folded up and held in place with velcro when the stove's flue is installed. When not using a stove it can be closed tightly shut to create a weatherproof seal using the velco on the three edges.

Custom Fitting

Because some of our customers want vertical flues for their stove and others prefer horizontal exits, we decided to give you the option of where your Stove Mate exit is fitted in your tent. We now fit our stove flue covers as an optional extra, so we can position the Stove Mate flue cover depending on your preferred stove location.

This feature can be added when ordering your tent, or retrofitted to any canvas tent. Contact us for details

Flue Flap