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Bell Tent Village - Create your own canvas glampsite.

Bell Tent Village - Create your own canvas glampsite.

We found a great article about creating your very own bell tent village in Farmers weekly. We thought we would share with our readers.

"Glamping has grown hugely in popularity over the past few years and offers an additional opportunity for landowners and farmers to diversify their income.

Previously, farm diversification into hospitality may have been to offer bed and breakfast, but the impact on everyday life with strangers wandering around the family home can be difficult.

Alternatively, developing self-contained holiday accommodation within an unused space was also an option, but for many the early building costs are too much. As a result the low cost and high income benefits of starting a glamping business such as a bell tent village are being explored.

One of the best kept secrets in this industry is that some glamping business models can achieve a return on investment and pay for their set up costs within the first two years, which is quite a bold claim for any new business.

A glamping holiday has to be a thoroughly relaxing and unique experience and business owners need to get this mix just right to be successful. So if you’re thinking of setting up a new service, where do you start?

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1. Be unique

Studies show it costs seven times less to keep existing customers rather than trying to attract new ones. One brilliant way to do that is to be unique and provide the “wow factor”.

People will remember you for it and if you offer a great service they will keep coming back and will bring their friends and family with them. This will give your business instant and free publicity that will keep you ahead of the competition.

 One way of doing this is to inject your personality into everything you do. There’s only one of you so this is a good place to start when trying to keep things unique. Always remember what Oscar Wilde said: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken”.

2. Meet a need

There’s always ways to offer customers a great service, but you have to ask yourself if it’s valuable enough to keep them coming back.

One way to make sure you’ve achieved this is by meeting their needs and desires. This could be the need for sanctuary and seclusion, complete peace and quiet, a place for children to interact and learn about nature or somewhere that’s completely off the grid and environmentally friendly.

3. Have a passion for it

It takes a lot of dedication and effort to set everything up and keep it running smoothly, so you really have to love what you do.

Also remember this is the service industry and you will need to interact with your customers regularly, so make sure this is something you are happy doing.


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