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 Great Glamping Accessory Ideas.

Adding personal touches to your bell tent can be a lot of fun and It really makes camping a more memorable experience. Here are some glamping gear ideas that we love: 

1. Great Lighting. 

Lighting sets the mood, we love the vintage look of a paraffin lamp, and now the LED versions can be used safely inside at night. 

LED Railroad Hanging Lantern,Turquoise gold, shabby chic Glamping Camping Lantern, Vintage Style  

2.Upcycle An Old Crate. 

Not just useful for carrying things to the campsite. old crates can be used in many different ways. 


 3.Classic Tableware. 

Paper plates and plastic forks are convenient, but they’re also wasteful. You worked too hard on that gourmet meal to serve it on paper plates. Instead, opt for classic enamelware and real silverware. Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory IdeasGlamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory IdeasWhen it’s time for tea (or instant coffee) reach for the enamelware teapot. 

4. Set A Pretty Table.

The best tablecloths for camping are made of PEVA. PEVA is PVC-free, chlorine-free, phthalate-free and biodegradable, so it makes a great choice for your campsite. 



 Bunting can easily take your campsite from ho-hum to awesome.  If you’re feeling crafty try making some with small fabric samples. 



6.Sip in Style. 

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

7. Snuggle Up.

 Whether new or vintage, a wool camp blanket is useful and beautiful.  we use them in the summer for camping. Come winter, we use them for extra warmth on our beds at home. 

Lovely throws from the National Trust - £30

8. Take a Seat.

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory IdeasGlamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

9. Enjoy the Comforts of Home.

 Well, most of them anyway.  Just one thought: leave the TV at home