The Stove Tent Flashing Kit with Perspex Porthole lets you modify your tent for use with the Frontier or Outbacker Stoves, enabling you to safely vent smoke outside.This flashing kit has been designed for use with the Frontier or Outbacker style stoves in fire retardant canvas shelters such as Bell tents, Tipis or Yurts.

The perspex porthole cover with the kit enables the tent stove hole to be filled when the stove is not fitted creating an attractive porthole window in your tent. Simply remove the silicone and insert the perspex disk.

The silicone collar is suitable for temperatures of up to 300 degrees,

The kit contains:

  • Perspex porthole cover to seal hole when not using a stove.
  • 2 predrilled circular clamping rings
  • 1 predrilled silicone seal
  • 6 bolts and screws
  • 12 washers

 The Outbacker & Frontier stove flue has a 60mm diameter.

We accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of the Flashing Kit . We recommend this for use only with a fire retardant canvas tent, tipi or yurt. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the shelter used has the appropriate fire retardant qualities necessary. We advise not to leave stoves unattended and to make sure it has been extinguished prior to sleeping. Always make sure the stove is stood on something fire retardant. We do not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred by use of the flashing kit howsoever caused.