Originally created by Bell Tent Boutique this 5m x 4m Pro version of the Touareg has the Stove Mate flue flap pre fitted. With a rectangular base of 5 metres x 4 metres this is one of the largest Touareg's on the market. This tent is erected the same way as a regular bell tent with a 3m central pole. Our Pro version is created with Heavy duty 360 g per sqm 100% natural cotton canvas and certified fireproof to BS 7837:1996 and CPAI-84. This is THE ultimate tent for the serious camper. The Bell Tent Boutique Fireproof range has been treated with PROBAN ® fire retardancy. Used in applications like F1 its durability is achieved by the formation of a cross-linked inert polymer within the fibre. PROBAN ® polymer is embedded in the body of the fibre so the process is permanent. Since 2017 our Fireproof tents have also passed the stringent CPAI-84 test, this is the Canvas Products Association International version of the ISO6941. Samples are tested to ensure that they won't drip or burn after the flame is removed, they're also washed six times to ensure protection remains intact. 


From the ground up we have selected features that we believe deliver the very best in a luxury canvas tent. Our heavy duty 540gsm waterproof PVC zipped in ground sheet is heat welded and re-enforced at pegging points. All of our range comes with the ability to unzip and roll up the sides, handy for warm days and really useful when packing away on a 'less than dry day'! The groundsheet is designed to come up at the sides to create a waterproof 'bath tub' effect.  You'll also find 4 windows (two with meshed mosquito nets and two with PVC windows for the odd rainy day!)  Zip able exterior canvas window curtains and meshed mosquito nets on one side allow's a gentle breeze throughout the tent. Finally, all our tents are treated with mould, rot and water repellent.


 *The stove mate flap will require a flashing kit for safe implementation of a stove.

Our 5m x 4m tent is perfect for larger families and groups of 6/7  people.

With some simple guidelines, your tent should provide years of use, we do however recommend some simple procedures to extend its life. Never pack away a damp tent, always ensure it is fully dried before storing. Dependent on how frequently it is used, we recommend that you re-proof the canvas after approximately one year.

Wooden Feature Pack.Bell_Tent_Boutique_Wooden_Dolly

Select the wooden feature pack and instead of the standard metal pole we will upgrade your tent with a -

  • 3 Piece Wooden Centre pole.
  • Ash Sliders
  • Wooden Dolly (Raincap)

The Stove Mate - Stove Flap. 

The Stove Mate range has our fireproof flue flap covers fitted as standard. Created from the same 360 gsm fireproof canvas as our fireproof tents the flap is integrated into the tent as a roof exit stove jack. Held down with a velcro seal and toggles to hold open when in use, the addition of a stove flaps neatly covers your flue exit on the tent when the stove is not required.