Our beautiful new BabyBelle is a faithful scaled-down recreation of our famous bell tents, all ready for some serious play. Suitable for ages 1 to 5 years old, the Babybelle provides endless hours of fun for children and being madBell_Tent_Boutique_Guaranteee from Sandstone Polycotton 200 gsm canvas the Babybelle is fully waterproofed and can be left pitched outdoors. Created from durable canvas material with side windows, tie back openings and wooden poles the Babybelle Is easy to assemble and is suitable for outdoors use in wet or dry weather. Feed their imagination with a fully functional tent, made in a size for suited to playing. For durability the BabyBelle has re-enforced pegging points and like our regular bell tent the groundsheet is designed to come up at the sides to create a waterproof 'bath tub' effect.  You'll also find mosquito net doors and 4 semi circle zipped windows (with meshed mosquito nets) Air vents at the top allow a gentle breeze. Your Babybelle tent should provide years of use, we do however recommend some simple procedures to extend its life. Never pack away a damp tent and always ensure it is fully dried before storing. Dependant on how frequently it is used, we recommend that you re-proof the canvas when required.